"30" Cup

"30" Cup is meant for experienced shooters. Extended events and requirement to hold pistol with one hand make this high level competition.

Competitions take place at the begining of every month at shooting range at Łazienkowska street and are the only event where you can participate in Free Pistol event.

As with all of our tournaments there is yearly ranking where sums of 3 best scores in each competition are used to determine winners.

To compete you need valid PZSS license.

Detailed calendar can be found here.

During each ”30” Cup at shooting range at Łazienkowska street following competitions take place:

  1. 25m Sport Pistol 30 shots
  2. 25m Center-Fire Pistol 30 shots
  3. 25m Sport Rifle standing 30 shots
  4. 25m Free Pistol 40 shots



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M. St. Warszawa
Legia Warszawa Sekcja Kolarska
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