During the years of its existence, our shooting section had a pleasure of welcoming many outstanding athletes, coaches and well-known activists who had only one goal to serve their loved sport – shooting sport.

Currently, our Association has three high-class facilities. However, it was not that good all the time. In the past, professional shooters had only one shooting range (25m and 50m) at Śmigłowca Street in Szczęśliwice District. The shooting range was constantly being repaired and renovated because of its bad conditions and safety; it was finally closed down in 1974 for the following 6 years. Legia’s shooters did not have a place to shoot at that time; therefore they practice shooting at other clubs (WAT, ASG, Forty Bema, Lotnik, Gwardia). In 1980 the facility at the Szczęśliwice District was reopened. Nonetheless, Legia’s shooters did not practice shooting there for long time, because in 1995 it was permanently closed down due to the plans of Ochota District – City Hall to be built there. Nevertheless, the space there is not used in any way until today.

For the following 5 years, Legia’s shooters used two shooting ranges, one at the Łazienkowska Street and the other one in Rembertów District. Finally, in 2000 we have found our place at the WAT shooting range located at Kaliskiego Street (air shooting range) and Galileusza Street (25m and 50m range)

The history of the Skeet and Trap Shooting Range in Rembertów District were not so bright either. The stands and stations were equipped in old and worn out devices. In 1971 it was closed down for renovations and it was reopened in 1974.

The current trap and skeet shooting range was renovated and opened by AON in 1991. Until today, the facility is constantly being developed and renovated. The modernizations included renovations of old buildings and exchange of old shooting systems as well as the water system was brought to the buildings.

The number of members was around 130 shooters. Only in recent times the number of members increased to 1500 people because the Legia Shooting Section turned into the Association and widened its operations to include services for all not only professional shooters.


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