The Instructors’ Team

Our instructors are people who are passionate about firearms, sports target shooting and hunting.

The instructors are well qualified with great experience in shooting coming from years of shooting. Most of the instructors are former professional athletes who are eager to share their knowledge and experience about shooting.

Our team of qualified Instructors remains for your disposal during the organized events and shooting competitions.

Among our coaches and instructors are people who were Polish, Europe and World medallists and champions, people who coach athletes competing on national and international level, and former National Coaches.

All our coaches and instructors possess thorough methodology knowledge about teaching shooting sports and years of experience in conducting shooting training courses. The instructors and coaches hold Sports Shooting Instructor’s permissions as well as permissions to work with firearms. Many of them are also licensed Sports Shooting Referees of Polish Sports Shooting Association. Our employees are trained in first aid and CPR.

We would like to invite you to use their knowledge, experience and skills during the shooting events organized at our shooting ranges.


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