Shooting sport

PZSS licence

Polish Shooting Sport Association licence validates owner's ability to participate in shooting sport and enables him/her to take part in shooting competitions and torunaments organised by PZSS and regional shooting associations. Issued for 3 categories of shooting: pistol, rifle, shotgun.

Licence can be issued for a person who meets following conditions:

  • Is a member of a PZSS licensed sport club
  • Has shooting patent issued by PZSS
  • Has a certificate issued by a doctor specialising in sport medicine

To get a licence you need to submit an application at your club`s office.

PZSS issues licences valid for the calendar year.
After the licence expires you need to apply for extension to its validity if you meet following conditions:

  • provide documentation of activity in tournaments and competitions: started at least 4 times in first category and 2 in each next,
  • sumbit an application at your club`s office,
  • pay a fee.

PZSS licence for youth
For people under 18 years old, shooting patent is not required to obtain a licence. Licence is valid until the end of the year when the person turns 18.


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