Shooting sport

Shooting patent

Shooting patent validates person`s ability to compete in shooting competitions. Issued in 3 categories: pistol, rifle. shotgun.

Shooting patent entitles to:

  • Practicing shooting in the disciplines it was issued for,
  • Applying for PZSS athlete licence,
  • Applying for PZSS referee licence,
  • Applying for firearms permit for sport shooting purpose.

To get shooting patent you need to:

  • be at least 18 years old,
  • be a member for at least 3 months of PZSS licensed sport club,
  • pass the exam
  • sumbit the application

Shooting patent exam
It consists of 2 parts: theory and practical skills.

Cost of taking this exam is 400 PLN (independent of number of categories applied for).

For the exam you need to bring properly filled apllication for patent together with certifacte from a doctor specialising in sport medicine.

Part testing knowledge is a test with 10 questions. It contains questions regarding:

  1. Currently existing laws regarding firearms ownership and use,
  2. Safety rules,
  3. Rules and regulations regarding shooting,
  4. Design, principles of operation, and technical details about weapons,
  5. Criminal law regarding crimes connected to firearms

Practical skills are tested at a shooting range. You need to pass it with a gun from every category you are applying for in your application. 

Practical test consist of:

  1. Shooting in accoradance with range`s rules and regulations, 
  2. Checking for the ability to properly dismantle weapon and put it back together, loading it with ammunition, unloading, dealing with weapon jam,
  3. Testing accuracy with randomly selected firearm.


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