Shooting sport

Youth's Section

Our club provides young people with an opportunity to get into shooting sport and improve their skills under supervision of our proffesional coaches (incl. Master Class coach) and instructors.

Potential shooter should firstly consider what type of weapon they`ll want to use. Shooting sport includes 15 olympic events divided into 3 categories: pistol, rifle, shotgun.

Practice with pistols and rifles is conducted at our shooting ranges in Bemowo district: airguns at Kaliskiego street, firearms at Galileusza street. Trainings take place monday to friday between 2PM and 6PM.

Contact: coach Katarzyna Klepacz-Bartoszek – +48 693 333 941

Practice with airguns also takes place at shooting range at Łazienkowska street.

Contact: instructor Marta Barszczak +48 797 118 457

Trainings with shotgun — Clay shooting take place in Rembertów district.

Tuesday-Saturday contact: coach Iryna Yukhatova – +48 505 699 265

One training usually takes about 1 hour. Coaches are available during mentioned time at our facilities so you can train at a time convenient for you. Please take note that to get results shooters need to train 2-3 times a week.

To begin your journey with this sport call one of our coaches and schedule first training.

Contact for Club`s office.


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