Club's Cup

Club’s Cup is not only a great competition but also a possibility to win attractive prizes.

Club’s Cup is a tournament with 5 competitions taking place during summer at shooting range in Rembertów district. It’s main tournament for club members.

Every score is put in year-round ranking then best 3 scores are used for classification in each event.

It’s the only chance to shoot Practical Pistol or 200m Sniper events.

To participate valid PZSS licence is required.

Detailed calendar can be found here.

During every Cup 8 events take place:

  1. 25m Sport Pistol 10 shots
  2. 25m Sport Pistol 30 shots
  3. 25m Center-Fire Pistol 10 shots
  4. Practical Pistol
  5. 50m Sport Rifle Prone 10 shots
  6. 100m Center-Fire Rifle 10 shots
  7. Trap 10 shots
  8. 200m Sniper 10 shots



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