Association of the Central Military Sports Club “Legia” Warsaw Shooting Section is concerned with a comprehensive development, growth and popularization of sports shooting.

The club brings together people involved in sports shooting, organizes and conducts training sessions, develops shooting skills of people working with firearms as well as promotes sports shooting as a form of integration and recreation. The aim of the Association is also to support, promote and increase the level of sports shooting especially among children and youth.

Through a long tradition of shooting the Association educates and trains athletes at the highest athletic level. For many years, we can be proud of the high national and international achievements of our athletes. Only in the past year, our athletes again won medals at the National Championships such as Senior Polish National Championships, Youth Polish National Championships, and National Junior Olympics. They also broke some of the national records. Every year our athletes are appointed for the National Team.

The Association cooperates with Polish Sports Shooting Association, Warsaw-Masovian Sports Shooting Association as well as with many other district and provincial associations and training centres. The Association is also a meeting place for hunting clubs and company’s sports sections. 

The Association’s income from commercial operations besides covering the operating costs also finances children and youth’s trainings and development


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Top Gun
Legia Warszawa Sekcja Kolarska
TON Insitute
Hubertus Pro Hunting
Malik & Malik
Fundacja Civis Modernus
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