Shooting ranges


Our facility in Rembertów district is perfect for both hunters and sport shooters. Following stations are available: 3 sets of 100 metres target firing stations, 2 sets of 50 metres target firing stations, 2 sets of 25 metres target firing stations.

Besides listed sets of stations there are 2 fields for shotgun/clay shooting equipped with 2 sets of machines (17 machines each) allowing to train hunting disciplines as well as sport disciplines including Trap, Skeet, and Double Trap.

You can use all types of firearms here like shotguns, centerfire or rimfire pistols, and rifles.

Shooting range is open 7 days a week:

Monday — Friday: 9:00AM — till twilight
Saturday: 9:00AM — 5:00PM
Sunday: 9:00AM — 5:00PM

Al. Gen. Chróściela street
Warsaw, Rembertów district
tel. +48 22 681 33 43
mobile  +48 609 504 649

There is an option to pay with a credit card.

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